Doris Williams

Doris M. Williams is known as a loving mother, faithful Nana, supportive wife and a loyal friend. Many have the pleasure to know her as a worshipper and a diligent prayer warrior. Often called Mama Doris, her motherly and loving demeanor is one of the first things that people encounter upon meeting her.

Born and raised in Dunn, North Carolina, Doris is the mother of two beautiful daughters and one son with her loving husband – Cleo Williams. Cleo and Doris just recently celebrated 40 years of marriage, which is something she truly prides herself on. After retiring from her twenty year career in Accounting and working with the DC government, Doris has also attained her B.S. in Business Administration and a master's degree in Human Services: Marriage and Family Counseling. She is a true believer, a supporter of all whom she loves, and a woman purely after God’s heart. This shines through in her every day walk of life.

Doris enjoys helping others and has turned that passion into a business of helping people do things they can't because if you can't do it, Doris Will!


Convert handwritten or printed documents to digital documents with our typesetting services.


Convert audio and video files such as sermons, bible studies and lectures into digital documents with our transcription services.


Personal Tax preparation services.

Virtual Assistant

Appointment Setting, inquiry calling and research, calender keeping and other services as needed.

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